Business and Pleasure

After a long break from sleepovers in our frigid, empty house, we’re headed up this weekend to try it again. The weather looks cold, in the 30s and maybe even a little snowy. There is a winter weather warning, but who knows, it could end up only being a dusting. Don’t want to get my hopes up. It will be a good test for our brand new, fully completed insulation! Though heat won’t be running through our PEX system underneath the floors, we will be able to use both fireplaces on the main floor, which should be much more effective with insulation. We have a few tasks to do, namely basking in the warmth of our thicker walls, but we’re also going to take advantage of some late season snow (generally a sure thing in Colorado as April tends to be one of the snowiest months, unfortunately right as all the ski resorts close) and free afternoon concerts slopeside in Breck – Toots and the Maytals on Saturday and Rusted Root on Sunday. We saw Toots a few years ago at Red Rocks with Bonnie Raitt, and attempted to see Rusted Root on our first 4th of July weekend in Colorado in 2008 at Copper Mountain, but the show got canceled at the last minute – as we were sitting in our car in the parking lot eating our picnic lunch and scrounging for more clothing layers to put on as the temp dropped from 70 to 40 – due to hail, thunder and lightning. Meanwhile it was over 100 degrees in Denver that day… 

It’s sad that our second weekend on our boards may also be our last of the season. Also sad that the mountain is currently only 61% open (down from 63% yesterday, boo) and one of the four peaks is already closed. Breck is extending their season by two weekends this year to celebrate their 50th anniversary, so we may get another day or two in if we’re lucky. Otherwise we’re crossing our fingers that the 2012-2013 season blows this one out of the water (especially since we bought next season’s ski passes this week for a cool $509 apiece), and also a little appreciative that we didn’t have to fight ski traffic too much this year, nor did we have to fight ourselves and our desire to board, since conditions were pretty snowless and disappointing. As a result, we stayed on schedule as much as we could, and for that I’m thankful.

We’re also hauling up some equipment in the truck that will be used next week to get our water system started up, including a 200-gallon storage tank. Since water is coming out of our unfrozen well, we can get everything up and running soon. That means (I hope) a functioning sink, a flushing toilet and best of all heat. Maybe April will now be the last month of the portapotty.


  1. This ski season has been such a bummer, hasn't it? I had dreams of reaching 30 days and (okay, I know I sound like a total brat saying this, but we live in a ski town now and skiing is the whole point) I'll be lucky if I get to 26, with the vast majority of those days being just an hour or two. But better hopes for next year! (BTW, I'm jealous of the low Epic pass prices! Even though several mountains in Tahoe are now Vail-owned, they're not the good ones. So we will be paying, um, slightly more...)

  2. We've only gotten four days in, but Sunday was the best! 8" of powder overnight and more throughout the morning. Breck has given me my best powder days three seasons in a row. It IS crazy to me how cheap our passes are here...even with a rise of almost $100 in the four years we've lived in CO. But I'd say you've gotten your money's worth this year, yay :)