A Few Fun Purchases

For the last few months, it seemed like everything we bought was a pipe, a pump, a valve, a fitting, a zip tie, an elbow, a P trap, a bracket, a staple, or some other little thing needed in huge quantities that would be painstakingly put in a nook or cranny only reached by climbing up a ladder into the rafters. Then we purchased our kitchen cabinets which, as shopping goes, was a LOT more appealing to me. Now we’re onto some other fun details. Like this grill:

It may seem a little early to get a grill for our covered patio off the kitchen and dining area, especially since it’s currently filled with snow and looks like this:

But that snow will melt eventually (hopefully before July, because that's when the last of the snow finally disappeared from this spot last summer), and the grill will allow us to do more cooking while we’re working. No more heating up burritos on our fireplace. Curt found this almost-new commercial infrared grill on craigslist for a steal ($300 rather than $900) and it was already modified to hook up to a natural gas line like we have. It should be a lot easier to work with than our tiny hibachi that has a lid without a handle. That has served its purpose for warming food when needed, but the more time we spend up there the more we will eat. And we have some long weekends ahead of us. I predict a lot of cheeseburgers in our future. You can even convert the sideburner to a griddle.

Curt also bought these speakers which he can install since the wires have already been run. These arrived the other day and they are bigger than our heads. We’ve been listening to a contractor’s little boombox since last July and mountain radio leaves a lot to be desired. On one station, we can listen to classic rock. The other station is pop. Journey or Katy Perry. Grateful Dead or Lady Gaga. The Who or Selena Gomez. Gag me. I’m sick of both, and looking forward to using our iPods/iPhones with these newly installed speakers. Our “work site” should be much less messy soon, and more iPod dock-friendly, with sawdust being a distant memory. Drywall dust is another story.

We also bought three of these outdoor lights to hang over the front door, the door of our bedroom that leads out to the deck and also over our house numbers over the garage. Thanks to some Amazon giftcards from all of my parents for my birthday (which I think were meant for eBooks for my Kindle, but I’ve kept myself occupied with free library eBooks so far), we only spent about $100 on all three lights. We went with black to play up the big black brackets holding up the posts for the deck’s roof.

And this wasn't a purchase, but Curt built a gate for the deck off our front door and bedroom door. He built one for our townhouse deck too and it allows the pups to hang out and not run away, which one of them (Greta) would just LOVE to do. He'll probably hang it tomorrow when he's at the house for the insulation inspection.

The drywallers start next Wednesday!

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