The Threat of Summer

With the delay due to the missing truss paperwork issue resulting in wasting the entire month of March, we’re starting to leave the threat of the cold, harsh winter and instead about to deal with the different but equal threat of the long, hot, fun summer approaching. While spring and summer make work more bearable (at least due to the more comfortable temperatures - as it's been in the 50s and 60s for weeks already in Breck and solid 70s and 80s in Denver), there is a new challenge of fighting the calendar of fun events that is already filling up. For example, June. Probably my favorite and busiest month of the entire summer. There are already things popping up for each weekend that month: first, a concert at Red Rocks plus the chili and beer festival in Aspen, then my favorite brewery’s anniversary party, then an outdoor musical festival (luckily we already have tickets to this so we can’t skip it!), then my newest favorite brewery’s very first anniversary party (on the date of our fifth wedding anniversary to boot – a double whammy of fun - or maybe a triple whammy since it's close enough to ride our cruisers there). June is also a big birthday month for friends in Denver. Even our pup Penny celebrates her birthday in June :)

The following week is the 4th of July with lots of free concerts plus a big yoga festival in the mountains that weekend. The weekend after that, another brewery celebrates their anniversary and the town Breckenridge throws their summer beer festival. And so on. These are the weekend events that make living in Colorado so wonderful – my favorite things in the whole world! Sunshine, festivals, fairs, farmer’s markets, delicious food, live music, riding our bikes everywhere, supporting my neighborhoods as well as local businesses like food trucks and craft breweries…the absolute best time of year, after ski season. Let’s not forget camping! With the unseasonably warm weather we’ve had the last few weeks, it’s hard not to get excited for (and distracted by) summer activities. 

Though we’d hoped (I’d hoped) to be reasonably done with a somewhat liveable house in the timeframe of our anniversary on June 30th and the 4th of July, I know we have to be realistic about this new, very unexpected delay and when our weekends will actually no longer be occupied with projects and work on the house. It will not be in June, and it may not be in July either. Needless to say, this year we’re going to have to miss some, and probably many, of these events which breaks my heart. But this pressure is on because we have permits that expire in July. Expensive, annoying permits that neither of us want to pay thousands of extra dollars to renew. While these are small sacrifices the pay in the grand scheme of things, and I know I will have many more summers to enjoy here, I can’t help but be a little bummed about it.

On the bright side, we will be up at our house Thursday for a re-inspection and hopefully they let us move forward to insulation and drywall. We paid one of our neighbors, a structural engineer, to analyze the trusses and verify that they are solid, with a few braces and modifications that were finished last Saturday. It was a definite surprise to be asked for the truss paperwork since the trusses were a part of the structure we originally bought, not something we built ourselves. It was even more surprising that the company who made the trusses would not help us out, and said they did not have any of those files, even though they are still in business and the trusses were put in less than five years ago. It was also surprising that Summit County held us up due to this missing paperwork, after we breezed through our inspection otherwise. So we've lost a whole month, and now are looking at paying double what we expected for drywall rather than doing it ourselves because we need to make up some of the lost time. Painful but hopefully the last big hit to our budget.

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  1. What a bummer about the trusses! And that the company you bought from wouldn't help. I can never understand that type of thing.

    Your summer schedule reminds me (granted, in much, MUCH smaller scale) of the first bathroom we renovated in our condo. We decided to demo the old bathroom before we really thought about the timeline, and we demo'ed it right at the start of ski season, i.e. when we were never home on the weekends. Super smart, huh? ;-) So it took almost three months. Fortunately, we learned our lesson and the next one only took three weeks. Not that your situation is at all similar since you guys are clearly about 20 times smarter than we are, or at least were back then.